Marisa Olszewski

Marisa joins SLT with an extensive background in the fitness industry. While growing up in Westchester County and participating in dance and gymnastics, her passion for working out was born. Marisa has achieved a degree in management and multiple certifications in a variety of group fitness formats, enabling her to teach and train a wide range of classes, efficiently and effectively.Always searching for the next best thing, Marisa was thrilled to happen upon SLT because not only was it fresh and fun, but it was also exceptionally challenging. Her routines will get your heart pounding and sweat dripping as she guides your body’s transformation.

Stephanie Petruccio

Stephanie’s impressive 20-year repertoire includes a range of fitness & dance training and appearances. She is skilled in ballet, modern dance, theater dance and hip hop AND was a former member of the New York Jets Flight Crew! Additionally, she has a certification in mat Pilates. Her claim to fame, however, is her acting as a Disney Princess in Walt Disney World. After her first SLT Megaformer™ workout, Stephanie fell in love. By utilizing the most the challenging moves throughout routines, she knows students will leave her sessions sweaty and feeling accomplished. Stephanie is ready to give the performance of a lifetime during every class she teaches at SLT.

marcy modica

As a licensed physical therapist for almost 15-years and former Pilates instructor, Marcy brings an extensive awareness of the human body to SLT. She has been inspired by Megaformer™ workouts by witnessing how they completely transform the body in a short amount of time. Marcy teaches with energy and enthusiasm, believing that hard work is the key to success. She always ensure you have proper form while giving you a killer workout!


Beginning her dance training at the age of 2, Leslie has an eye for form.  She studied classical ballet for many years and competitively danced in other dance forms thereafter.  She was also a competitive cheerleader and a varsity cheerleader at her alma mater, Cornell University, so she brings an upbeat and positive energy to her classes at SLT.  As a lawyer and former dean at a New York City law school, Leslie is not afraid to lay down the law on the Megaformer to challenge you to meet your full potential and change your body.  Leslie always strives to learn more about the Megaformer, taking classes all across the country, and she frequently guest teaches as a Master Instructor at Megaformer studio JetSet Miami. 

Tracey forte

Tracey is a lifelong athlete, and has always been passionate about health and fitness. While working in Corporate america at GE for 10  years, Tracey always let off steam through fitness.  Pilates became her passion, as it elongated  her muscles and focused on core strength.  After years of taking traditional Pilates and having  children, Tracey felt her body hit a plateau until she found SLT and the Megaformer.  Tracey was instantly hooked from the first day of feeling the oblique and bungee burn .When Tracey is not teaching SLT, you will find her on the tennis courts.  This past year, Tracey advanced her USTA tennis rating and lowered her Golf handicap, attributing both successes directly to SLT and her core strength.  Tracey loves a challenge so be prepared to be challenged to complete muscle exhaustion along with a kick-ss music playlist!  She loves a good Jay Z or Rihanna song or a throw back to the 90s.

katrina brewer

Katrina, a total fitness junkie with a background in figure skating, brings her years of experience with body alignment and control to each and every class she teaches. By carefully planning routines to challenge and fatigue each muscle group, and combining them with music that helps you push past your limits, she aspires to leave you with a new sense of success every time you step off of the Megaformer!

christina alonge

Christina has had a passion for fitness her entire life. She worked as a corporate recruiter at the beginning of her career but always felt something was missing so, she decided to pursue a career in fitness full-time. Once she tried SLT she was immediately hooked and determined to join the SLTeam. Christina believes that their is no better gift than the gift of health and fitness and hopes to inspire all of her clients to be the best versions of themselves mentally and physically. You can expect amazing music, challenging routines and lots of energy in all of her classes!

jamie tomei

After graduating college in 2008, Jaime decided to follow her passion for health and fitness by enrolling herself at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After becoming a Certified Health and Wellness coach, Jaime dove into the fitness world head-first determined to share her passion for wellness with others. For years, she helped many fitness professionals until eventually deciding to become an instructor herself. With a combination of killer playlists and her eagerness to see others grow and succeed; Jaime’s classes are challenging, empowering, motivating, and will leave you hurting in a MEGA way!

sam schwartz

Sam has been rockin’ the mic and working a crowd since her days at Syracuse as a theater major. Upon graduation she worked as an agent at one of the top NYC agencies, CESD, and later went on to work as a freelance casting director and acting coach.  She moved to the burbs to start a family, discovered SLT, and was instantly hooked. She decided to use her background in performance and combine it with her passion for SLT and become an instructor. You are guaranteed a “hold”, a “shake” and definitely some old school hip hop beats in her class.  Laughing from jokes during class will not be the only things that make your stomach sore!


jillian paladino

Jillian is homegrown in the BESTchester. Growing up she was a competitive cheerleader and still coaches for her alma mater. While acquiring her baccalaureate and masters in education, Jillian simultaneously achieved multiple certifications in a variety of group fitness formats. She continuously sought to find a fitness modality that was both challenging and restorative. She first turned to Pilates, but quickly realized she missed the cardio intensity she had grown to love. Thus her fitness journey brought her to SLT! True to her background, Jillian brings high energy and cheers you on as she takes you through a heart racing, muscle shaking, one of kind work out. 


catherine conte

Catherine took her first SLT class in March of 2016 and immediately fell in love. A year later, she decided to share her passion for SLT and change others lives through becoming an instructor. She creates the routines she likes to take as a client, so expect a challenging class - obliques at the back and a serious booty burn every single time! You’re guaranteed a fire playlist blasting through the speakers while you push yourself past your limits, change your body and your mindset, and work harder than you ever have. 


tori feeney

Tori joins the SLTeam with an extensive background in dance. Dancing from the time she was 3, she followed her passion all the way through college where she was a member of the University at Albany Dance Team. During her college breaks, Tori searched for a workout that would meet her cardio, strength, stretching, and musical needs. She quickly became addicted to SLT! Once she finished her degree in communications, she decided to continue her passion for music and movement with SLT, helping others to fall in love with the workout just as much as she did. Tori will effortlessly guide you count by count through a music driven, fun spirited sweat session!



Since giving up her pointe shoes for cleats at an early age, Grace continued on to excel in a wide variety of sports proving herself a true athlete. Her years of juggling different sports has given her some serious mental focus and a never ending desire to keep a heart rate spiked! Grace knows every workout starts when you want to stop and funnels her intense energy and drive into pushing you through every finale!