anna jacobs

A lover of all things fitness before coming to SLT, Anna was Mega-hooked after her first class. This mom of three (#boymom) will be your biggest cheerleader while pushing you through class. While her killer routines will challenge you mentally and physically, her playlists will keep you motivated to stay focused until the end of class. This combo leads to one incredible workout and you may just have a little fun along the way!

bianca reid

This social worker turned fitness instructor has been a long time lover of movement and SLT! With a Master's Degree and license in Social Work she uses her knowledge of behavioral change and  positive reinforcement to push you both mentally and physically to get those amazing reSuLTs.

gia alvarez

As a seasoned endurance athlete and marathon coach, Gia was always on the hunt for a workout that strengthened and balanced her body. When Gia's fitness journey took her to the Megaformer she knew she was in love!  Gia is a positive, motivating instructor who believes in the power of SLT and most of all loves to challenge her clients and encourage them to reach their true potential! 


Leslie has always focused on health and well-being...from her extensive background as an ICU nurse, pharmaceutical sales rep, and a director at a healthcare non for profit-she knows the value of a strong body and mind. A busy mom of two young girls, she understands that clients' "me time" is precious and how effective SLT is for total body transformation. Every one of Leslie's classes at SLT will motivate you so you feel empowered and accomplished-and ready to tackle any challenge! 


Liz's career in fitness began with teaching Pilates and yoga, but it wasn't long before she added resistance and cardiovascular training to the mix. When she stumbled upon SLT she knew she found her perfect fit. Liz's classes combine the focus on core strength and precision of Pilates with the body sculpting intensity of total body interval training. She's dedicated to giving you a great workout…you’ll leave class exhausted but feeling accomplished.


This native Florida girl turned New Jersey transplant happened upon SLT nearly two years ago and became a dedicated client. While working as a dance instructor and choreographer, she was in search of a workout that would not only supplement her dancing, but a workout that would be challenging and fun. Needless to say, she found it at SLT and she loves being an instructor!  Now it is her mission to help others fall in love with SLT, learn and understand the form in her classes, and to ultimately help her clients achieve their goals!


Originally from Israel, you can be sure to get that extra spice in Michelle's classes. Filled with great energy, awesome music and lots of encouragement so you can achieve greatness in every class. 


Shira has been teaching group fitness classes for over 27 years. She holds certifications in AFAA group fitness, Pilates, Mad Dogg spinning and barre. She fell in love with SLT and after her first class she was determined to teach it because it fused all her favorite things into one complete workout! Even though she comes across tough with her raspy voice, she's really a softy at heart.