SLT was founded in 2011 by Amanda Freeman.  A graduate of Duke University and Harvard Business School, Amanda began her career as a trendforecaster at The Intelligence Group. In 2007, Amanda co-founded Vital Juice, the leading health and wellness daily e-newsletter focused on delivering the latest in trends, research and tips in the areas of fitness, beauty, nutrition and wellness.

Her previous experience led her to realize that there were opportunities for content, products and services that addressed a growing interest in living a healthy lifestyle. "I was drawn to the wellness world because of a shift I was observing in myself and the women around me. Where we had once been obsessed with getting a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town or getting our hands on the latest handbag, we were now talking about our workouts, diet secrets and coveted beauty products. We were opting for our beauty sleep, rather than late night karaoke."

While on a business trip to Los Angeles, a friend introduced her to the Megaformer that her signature NYC studio is now based on.  After one class on the machine, she was hooked and found herself planning her West Coast trips around her workouts.  Tired of having to fly across the country to ger her fix, she decided New Yorkers needed studios of their own and she created SLT. 

The workout, which combines fun, low-impact Pilates movements with intense cardio and strength training had Amanda hooked, and scheduling her business trips around sessions at the studio as there were no studios in New York that offered the program. "How can New York, the city that has everything, not have this workout?"

SLT  was born.  

The 50-minute workout allows for constant tension and instability keeping your core engaged, consistently working multiple muscles to the point of failure, while exponentially reducing body fat and increasing muscle definition without the appearance of bulk. With 9 studios in the New York area and more in the works, SLT has quickly become New York’s favorite workout addiction.