New to SLT and the Megaformer? This is the class for you. We'll move at a slower, more informative pace. After this class, you will feel comfortable on the machine but we'll still kick your butt!


Fifty minutes of heart-pumping, muscle quivering and total body strengthening, lengthening and toning in an inspiring, small-group setting (no more than 12 people per class). SLT offers a total-body program that ties together cardio, strength training and pilates. The revolutionary workout burns up to 700 calories thus sculpting your physique in ways traditional exercise cannot.


 Prepare to work very, very hard! This advanced workout is offered as either a 50 or 65 minute long class and will push you to work your body in ways you didn’t know possible. Want a challenge? This is it! For experienced, advanced clients only.



Looking for an SLT experience where you can get an at-your-own pace workout, fine-tune your Mega-moves or push yourself to do things you might not have tried in class? Try a private session at any of our studios! Want to bring a friend or two? Semi-privates and group sessions are also available. To learn more, email