amanda jenny

Don't let this pocket rocket's smile fool you. Once class starts, it's game on. Amanda effortlessly blends tough love with pep and enthusiasm to give you that extra little burst of energy just when you need it most. Her years of dance training makes her a stickler for form and alignment and is the reason she always delivers a seamless flowing routine. 


From ballerina to black belt, Anna has always kept movement close to her heart! When Anna discovered the Mega back in 2012 she was immediately hooked and did everything she could to learn more and become a certified instructor. Her love & passion for SLT comes out in each class she teaches. Form focused, fun and effective are just a few things you'll get out of coming to her class. The happiest drill sergeant you'll ever meet - get ready to burn, sweat and shake you're way through class!


Born in Washington DC, Ariella started dancing at a young age. She has always been an avid mover and can never sit still for too long. After dancing professionally for three years in NYC, she started looking for new outlets to challenge her body in new ways, which led her to practice yoga, do HIIT training and more. She is always on the hunt for new fitness information, from learning more about the body to learning about different genres of fitness, but her true love is the Megaformer. She feels that SLT is the perfect place to grow as a person and as a professional since each class she takes or teaches provides a new challenge, which definitely keeps things exciting! Her classes are packed with lots of dance club vibes, fun fitness facts and an intense burn. She keeps a close eye on form, but always keeps things light and fun!

Audrey tess

Training thousands of people from athletes to new moms to Kardashian butts, this LA native has been delivering an intense and fun Megaformer workout since 2009. Audrey's classes are known not only for her sweaty and challenging flow, but also for her great playlists and positive energy. Come and get it, NYC!

cameron burke

Cameron grew up playing every sport he could. He played soccer at a competitive level but later gave it up to pursue his love of movement. He moved to NYC to attend Marymount Manhattan College and has been dancing professionally for the past 13 years. Cameron has taught movement and dance his entire life, so SLT was a no-brainer! One time on the Megaformer and he was hooked. He believes in the power of a good workout and the driving force behind seeing the reSuLTs you want.  Expect a high energy class and a playlist to match. 

claudia germuga

For Claudia, movement is magic. A professional contemporary dancer in New York City, her favorite movement has the perfect blend of rigor, intention, and aesthetic. When she discovered SLT, it was clear she found a method that embodied this special trifecta. Claudia uses the Megaformer as a tool to dig deeper into your workout, strengthening your body so it transforms from the inside out. Her class will push your mind and muscles to the next level with enthusiastic encouragement and a focus on fluidity and stamina. 

francesca valarezo

Fancesca aka the Spiritual Power Yogi teaches classes with a combination of grace and power, yin and yang. Her goal is to inspire you on and off the Megaformer by pushing you to your limits and encouraging you to take risks. Francesca's athletic flow couples with killer tunes makes for an unforgettable SLT experience.


Hannah Jean Hildreth is a dancer and fitness instructor based in Brooklyn. Hailing from Boston, she retains a healthy dose of Bostonian saltiness that comes through in her tough and playful teaching style! Her contagious energy, cheeky jokes and saucy dance moves leave clients feeling inspired and free to be themselves. Hannah is committed to every pulse, plank, and lunge of the way to make sure her clients are entertained, challenged, informed, and inspired!


After years pulling strings in NYC’s food scene, Jason threw out his suit and tie in favor of shorts and tanks! Formally trained in yoga, Jason takes a hands-on approach with all of his clients. He has a true passion for the small details and will work you to get perfect alignment for maximum reSuLTs! When he’s not fine-tuning you on the Mega, Jason loves to have a  good time. You can expect to be pushed past your comfort zone all with a laugh and a smile!


Katie cantor

After taking over 350 NYC fitness classes in 18 months Katie finally discovered the Megaformer!  One body-shaking class later and she was in love. Now, Katie's using that passion to inspire YOU!  Her infectious energy and non-stop encouragement motivates newbies and seasoned clients alike to push past limits both physically and mentally. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer Katie makes sure your workout is consistently effective and challenging - let's just say you might need help walking down those subway stairs after class!


Kelly is an energetic, motivating and upbeat instructor with a laid back, beach girl vibe! Kelly brings over 5 years of knowledge of movement and form to her classes from her classical Pilates training and certification. Kelly combines her love of the classical Pilates form with her addiction to the effectiveness of the Megaformer to each of her classes. She delivers a class filled with unbeatable energy that will encourage you to push yourself to your limits and to you keep moving, which will get you those reSuLTs you’ve always wanted! Be prepared to laugh your tush off with Kelly while jammin' to a playlist that will have you singing along while you donkey kick and super lunge your way to a stronger, leaner, toner body.


A native New Yorker, Tracy grew up on Long Island where she spent her adolescent years focused on ballet.  After attending the Pennsylvania State University she shifted gears and moved to Manhattan to pursue a career in fashion, which eventually led her to Los Angeles. It was there she discovered and fell in love with the Megaformer. Known for her relentless focus on quality, consistency, and form, Tracy inspires her clients to reach beyond their goals. Her clients seek her individualized attention, motivating energy and genuine love for the method. Walk into one of Tracy’s classes and you will be immersed in an environment that pushes you beyond what you thought possible to achieve.