Flexible beyond belief, Amanda Rey is a bend-but-don’t-break instructor. Raised in Miami and schooled in Boston, this big city girl brings 20 years of dance training, extreme kinesthetic awareness and a focus on form to SLT. With a master’s degree in behavior analysis, Amanda knows that positive reinforcement impacts performance. She aims to help you achieve greatness during each class (with occasional inspiration from the sweet tunes of Enrique Iglesias).


blake allen

Blake is a fit mom who shares the same passion as her daughter; she loves to move! From cross country runner to marching band geek to dance major graduate, Blake just has to move and groove. She instructed and trained on the megaformer pre and post pregnancy, so she has lots of advice to share with fellow moms! Blake brings detail and high energy to her class. Her goal is for every client to walk out of the studio feeling challenged, satisfied and excited to get back into the studio.